Intuit Integrated Product Search

Helping Quickbooks Self-Employed users better understand the state of their financial health


Product Design Intern


David Riche


12 weeks


This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Intuit and design an improved search experience for Quickbooks Self-Employed.

The Challenge

How might we help SE's (self-employed individuals) more quickly and efficiently find the answer to "Where is my money going?"


We conducted 6 internal audits and 9 customer interviews to gain a better understanding of the current state of search and what problems customers have with it.

Empathy Mapping

During the interviews, we mapped out what customers said, thought, did, and felt. This data helped me determine which customer pains were most painful and pervasive.

Pain Points

We identified two pain points that addressed this issue of how customers wanted to better understand their financial health but couldn't because of the current state of search.

Customer Problem

With search being a vehicle for help SE's better understand the state of their finances, we developed a problem statement that further contextualized our pain points.


We brainstormed over 40 ideas that could potentially help solve for the customer problem we outlined.


We down-selected concepts based two factors: the value each idea would contribute to our customers and the engineering lift required for building and implementation.


Based on our research, we hypothesized how our down-selected concepts would tackle our pain points and actually contribute value to customers.


I used Intuit's design system and user testing to inform decisions regarding how these prototypes should look like and function.

Highlighted Filters

I wanted to establish stronger visual hierarchy by having filters turn green once they're selected. This would bring more attention to what our customers are searching for.


Customers got unexpected results because they didn't know what they could search for. To resolve this, I designed hover hints and null return pages that displayed this info.

Sort-by Functionality

Customers experienced difficulty using the sort-by feature partly because people didn't know it existed. I removed the hover state and added arrows to improve discoverability.


With a large chunk of the QBSE user base being mobile users, it was important for me to consider how these designs would function on smaller screen sizes.

Success Metrics

We outlined success metrics for every feature concept to have a basis for evaluating performance when they get shipped.

Discoverability of search

Decrease in average time between first and last filter event

Establishing guardrails

Decrease in number of search bar searches and filter searches

Sort-by functionality

Increase in average number of sorting sessions and decrease in time spent per session


This experience taught me how important cross-functional collaboration is. Moving forward, I'd like to practice communicating my process and decisions to my partners.